Donald Neely, DMD, MSD

A Passion for Orthodontics and a Love for Healthy, Beautiful Smiles

As an orthodontist, I’ve learned that working with so many unique people every day keeps you real. You keep in touch with what is going on in the community, and as I serve a fifty-or-so mile radius covering two states, I get a good view of what is happening in the region.

My patients and their families bring a lot of knowledge, excitement, and laughter to my office. It’s an honor to be changing smiles of the children and grandchildren of some of my earliest patients; it’s just as much an honor to provide care to someone who is a newcomer to the area.

I come from a family of dentists and orthodontists. Growing up, I observed them and was fascinated both by what they were doing and what a difference it made in people’s lives and outlook. At the same time, I had good manual dexterity and liked making things, along with an aptitude for science and an eye for aesthetics.

Not everyone is fortunate to find a career that allows them to feel fulfilled on a daily basis. I like working independently in a private practice, in a profession that deals one-to-one with individuals, that produces tangible and lasting results, and that does the patient some good.

Being an orthodontist is, I believe, being part of the greatest profession. I am thankful for my earlier choices of a career path and am even more grateful for the people I have had the opportunity to meet and care for. I spend my days straightening teeth, improving oral health, and increasing self-esteem and confidence – for some of the most wonderful people in the world!

Education and Experience

Prior to practicing orthodontics, I attended the University of Pennsylvania, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in English. Dental school, and my Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) with Honors, was also through the UPenn. I then completed an orthodontic residency at St. Louis University, and obtained a Master’s of Science in Dentistry (Orthodontics).

As an orthodontist, I have a strong desire to provide the latest, best treatment according to the leaders in the field and current research literature. Further, I want to apply that knowledge clinically by using the best appliances and materials, always guided by the best diagnostic equipment, such as digital scanners and digital imaging.

I have been practicing for decades and have seen the transformation of the orthodontic specialty from primitive generic appliances and empirical treatment plans to a sound scientific discipline. Now we approach treatment with controlled studies and sophisticated appliances following biologically sound principles. We utilize efficient appliances, custom designed for the individual patient, yet the specialty still has room for art and aesthetics.

Continuing Education, Professional Affiliations, and Activities

Throughout my years of practicing orthodontics, I have constantly sought out avenues to further my knowledge and broaden the services I am able to offer patients. Continuing education – locally, regionally, and nationally – allows me to learn from leaders in the orthodontic specialty and general oral healthcare providers.

I am a member of the:

Through these organizations, I have access to numerous meetings, seminars, lectures, and the latest journals and other publications. Taking advantage of the opportunity to learn keeps me engaged and excited about the profession, knowing I can incorporate the best developments into the practice and my patients’ care.

I am honored to be volunteer member of the Craniofacial Anomalies Team at the Children’s Hospital in Dartmouth. I am also a provider of Orthodontic Scholarships for treatment of children with cleft lip and palate.

Beyond the Office

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, went to the Jersey shore in the summer and to Boy Scout Camp in the Poconos. I’ve now lived in Vermont for many years, in Woodstock, Pomfret, and now in Norwich, which has me about ten minutes from the office.

My wife, Noel, is my office manager. She served three terms in the Vermont House of Representative for the towns of Pomfret, Sharon, and Royalton. Over the years, Noel and I have had a series of Scottish Terriers who often accompanied us to the office and had a talent for identifying and sitting beside apprehensive patients, providing lots of comforting reassurance!

As for my interests outside of orthodontics, there are many: the history of architecture, historic preservation projects, electric cars, antique toy trains, world travel, the Southwest, and Native American art, to name but a few.

If I’m not at Hanover Orthodontics, I might be found trout fishing at the historic Meccawe Club in Bridgewater, Vermont, reading voluminously, or streaming mysteries or historical series.

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