Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS)

TADs, are tiny titanium anchors used to get quicker tooth movement over long distances with efficiency and comfort. TADs allow tooth movements that would be otherwise impossible or take a disproportionate amount of time.

A topical anesthetic is used to numb the gum where the TAD will be placed. Once the area is numb your doctor will gently turn the TAD through the gum tissue and a few millimeters into the jaw. Placing of a TAD is quick and will be over before you know it. While your doctor is placing the TAD you will feel slight pressure, but within a day, it will be gone. The TAD is removed when it is no longer needed. Removal of a TAD does not need numbing and takes a few seconds.

Invisalign Quick Turnover

Invisalign is another great option to get the smile you want 30-50% faster. Aligners perform several tooth movements at once which occur one-at-a-time with braces. This clinical efficiency speeds treatment. The SmartTrack patented aligner material is more supple and has a longer elastic memory than generic aligners which means more comfort and more movement. By evaluating patient's bone remodeling rate and compliance (wearing aligners 22 hours a day) the rate you change aligners are changed can be reduced from two weeks to seven days. Schedule your free smile exam today!

Hidden Headgear 

The FORSUS APPLIANCE uses fatigue resistant triple wound titanium springs permanently attached to the braces to correct the bite at a predictable rate. This can help eliminates the need to wear external headgear, have permanent teeth extracted, and reduces the dependence on wearing elastics 24/7.

Accelerated Tooth Movement for busy patients.

QUICK ALIGNER TURNOVER: The period of time between aligner changes can be reduced to 5 days from 14 days for certain types of tooth movement for conscientious patients who wear their aligners literally 24/7.

LOCAL BONE STIMULATION with PROPEL, a titanium instrument can halve the time necessary to close large spaces.  A new micro-invasive technique called Alveocentesis™, developed by university researchers, uses the PROPEL System. It will stimulate cytokine activity and thereby accelerate alveolar bone triggering a regional acceleratory phenomenon which decreases the mineral content of bone for six months which allows the appliances to move your teeth quickly, after which the bone regains its original strength.

ADULT PALATAL EXPANSION: The research od Dr. Wan Moon of Harvard and UCLA has developed closed procedure, MAXILLARY SKEKETAL EXPANSION (MSE) in which the mid-palate suture is reopened with a robust expander anchored to the palate with four mini-implants.



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