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Smile Faster!

You want to improve the look of your smile, but does the thought of spending years in braces seem out of reach? With AcceleDent Aura, you can now speed your tooth movement by up to 50%! Using this fast, safe, and easy-to-use appliance, you'll be finished with your orthodontic treatment and achieve your desired smile faster!

AcceleDent Aura is a lightweight, comfortable, and hands-free appliance that is used 20 minutes per day as a complement to orthodontics. The exclusive SoftPulse Technology's® precisely-calibrated micropulses gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as guided by your orthodontics.

With patented SoftPulse Technology, AcceleDent Aura's vibration is a safe approach for accelerating tooth movement. In fact, the force applied to teeth during ordinary chewing is at least 200x greater than the force applied with AcceleDent Aura.

AcceleDent Aura is safe as demonstrated in U.S. clinical trials. AcceleDent has been prescribed to thousands of patients worldwide since its introduction in 2009. Cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, AcceleDent is only available by prescription from your orthodontist.

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO or Wilckodontics®)

If the length of time in braces is holding you back from treatment, Wilckodontics may be for you. With a combination of oral surgery and traditional orthodontics, you can get the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted sooner than you ever thought possible.

Teeth can be moved approximately four times faster, which means a total treatment time of three to eight months!

How does Wilckodontics work?

Wilckodontics, also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO)™, begins with a minimally invasive surgical procedure, usually done under general anesthesia, to remove a small portion of your aveolar bone’s external surface. This is the bone that contains your tooth sockets.

For a short period of time, the bone’s mineral content will be decreased, which allows your braces to move your teeth quickly into their desired positions. Your aveolar bone will heal quickly and become stronger than it was before the procedure.

Is Wilckodontics safe?

Quite simply: yes! The process used to demineralate bone has been used in the orthopedic field for the past 100 years, and has recently been modified to help straighten teeth. Of course, undergoing any kind of surgery, no matter how noninvasive, has risks, so be sure to discuss these risks with Dr. Neely.

Is Wilckodontics right for me?

AOO can be done on people of any age as long as all your permanent teeth are present and you have a healthy bone structure.

To learn more about Wilckodontics and to find out if you’re a candidate for AOO, please contact our office. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and helping you get the beautiful, straight smile you deserve.

Accelerated Orthodontics with PROPEL

A new micro-invasive technique called Alveocentesis™, developed by university researchers, uses the PROPEL System. An instrument developed by PROPEL Orthodontics will stimulate cytokine activity and thereby accelerate alveolar bone remodeling.

The result is 50% to 60% faster movement when compared to traditional orthodontics alone. PROPEL can be completed chairside in minutes and does not require any advanced surgical training. Inb addition, the alveocentesis procedure causes very little discomfort to patients.

There is zero recovery time and patients are able to return to their lived. PROPEL is suitable for 80% of patients who seek orthodontic treatment. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment, such as TADs, Invisalign®, SureSmile®, and conventional braces.

Unlike other systems, PROPEL is unique in that it can be targeted to specific teeth or quadrants. It doesn’t have to be applied to your whole mouth at once, which can lead to possible anchorage issues and even loose teeth at the conclusion of treatment.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS)

Temporary anchorage devices, or TADs, are small titanium anchors used in certain orthodontic cases to help achieve quicker tooth movement with more efficiency and comfort. TADs may be used in addition to braces or as an alternative to headgear.

A strong anesthetic is used to numb the gum tissue and the jaw surrounding the area where the TAD will be placed. Once the area is numb, your doctor will gently place the TAD through the gum tissue and firmly into the jawbone. The placing of a TAD is quick, and may be over before you know it. While your doctor is placing the TAD, you may feel slight pressure, but within a day, you will no longer be able to feel the TAD. Your TAD is removed once your treatment is complete, or when it is no longer needed to help straighten your teeth. Removal of a TAD is a comfortable procedure that takes just a few minutes.

Invisalign Quick Turnover

Invisalign is another great option to get the smile you want faster than ever. Schedule your free smile exam today!

Hidden Headgear

The Forsus appliance is specifically designed to help move your teeth to the correct positions. In some cases, this may help reduce the need to wear external headgear or have extractions of permanent teeth.

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