What Sets Us Apart

OUR FOCUS IS ALWAYS ON YOU. Dr. Donald Neely listens and asks you about your concerns and what you want from treatment. Then he gives you a plan to do that. He also gives you a choice of appliances.That means providing you with individual attention, creating a treatment plan based on your unique personal goals.

DECADES OF EXPERIENCE. Dr. Neely has been treating patients of all ages, from newborns with cleft lip and palate to seniors in their eighties for decades. We have three generations of many families. All of our staff and their families have been patients. At the same time our treatment protocols are current, based on the latest research and leading practices.

OUTSTANDING STAFF: We have a warm and comfortable environment. Everyone here is concerned that you have a positive experience. We have a multi-cultural outlook which you can see in our artwork and decor. We have mlti-lingual computer games , patient selected awards programs, and contests. Find us on Facebook.

ALL DIGITAL OFFICE: We are IMPRESSION FREE because we use optical scanners instead. Our x-rays are taken with digital machines with 90% less exposure than conventional machines. Your privacy is protected by secure encrypted paperless patient records. We provide Wireless Internet.

ACCESSIBLE AND AVAILABLE: We have one large office. You'll always know where to find us. Dr. Neely lives ten minutes away from the office in case of emergency.We always have time to answer your questions. We reserve time to see emergency patients the same day. The doctor endeavors to see every patient at every visit. He'll monitor your progress and talk to you. Dr. Neely likes to get to know every person he cares for and looks forward to seeing each of them.

COMPLIMENTARY INITIAL CONSULTATION AND PANOREX. This gives us the diagnostic information we need to present you with a treatment plan, alternatives, time estimate, and fee at your first visit. You will see videos of how your appliances work. You may select from affordable financial arrangements and schedule the date you will start.

Dr. Neely and our team look forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to a perfect bite, straight teeth, and an amazing smile that you’ll love sharing with the world!